“Helen Rothberg’s new book—The Perfect Mix—is just that. A perfect mix of great insight rooted in real business experiences, along with interesting and revealing perspective from her days as a bartender. As Rothberg says, “sometimes you stir, sometimes you shake, sometimes you blend.” In the end, The Perfect Mix provides great insight on how to be a fearless, thoughtful, compassionate leader in today’s challenging business world.”

– Terry D. Peigh, Author and Global Marketing Executive

“Dr. Rothberg doesn’t dilute the ingredients for leadership success in this fun and practical guide to bringing out the best in people. Even a teetotaler will find useful tips for bellying up to the leadership bar.”

– Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., author of See Jane Lead and Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office

“Delicious and brilliant! Dr. Rothberg serves up the ideal blend of wisdom, practical application, and stories to help us understand how to be more effective and impactful leaders. A worthwhile and enjoyable read.”

– Keryl Pesce, Author and Happiness Expert

“From a great bartender to a great teacher and coach, Dr. Rothberg embodies everything which is great in leaders. Executives and students alike would do well to listen to her ADVICE.”

– Benjamin Gilad, author of Business War Games, President, Academy of Competitive Intelligence

Written by Helen Rothberg